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Cottages & Homes


Build the wood cottage of your dreams for either 3 seasons or fully insulated for 4 season use.  Structural engineering available to help with permit process.  Be sure to check the building requirements in your area before starting any construction.

  • ready to mount on slab or wood sub floor
  • (70mm) 2 3/4 in. pre-cut numbered exterior walls
  • (70mm) 2 3/4 in. pre-cut numbered interior walls
  • vaulted ceilings
  • roof purlins
  • tongue & groove ceiling/roof boards
  • fascia trims
  • second level floor joists
  • 1 1/8 in. T&G floor boards
  • front & rear decks on second level
  • PREMIUM double glazed wood windows
  • entry doors c/w locks, deadbolts, keys
  • window & door trims
  • interior doors c/w hardware
  • threaded steel storm rods at junctions

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