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The Muskoka is a PREMIUM model manufactured with 70mm (2-3/4") thick wall logs. Just over 1000 ft² on 2 levels it features 2 decks, front and back of the second floor. A great seasonal cabin or a 4 season home by adding insulation to the walls.

Wall insulating kit: includes metal brackets & 3/4" tongue & groove wall cover boards made of matching wood. Install studs using the brackets and then apply the interior wall cover boards over the studs. Add 10% to the selling price.

Exceptional energy efficiency:  2-3/4" solid wood walls have a tested thermal mass rating of R-12 and add R-15 mineral wool insulation to achieve R-27 in the walls

Tip: Mineral wool  insulation is recommended  for log construction.  It’s impervious to moisture with a higher R-value per inch than fiberglass and is considered a GREEN building material, environmentally friendly insulation

Insulating the roof: This is done using locally supplied materials over the supplied tongue & groove roof boards. Build up to the required depth to house insulation and install metal roofing or shingles. High density spray foam provides maximum benefits,  highest R-value for thickness & is water proof

Assembly: This model can be assembled in 7 days or less with 3 people.

Building Codes:  Passes structural codes in USA and Canada. No additional charges if upgrades are needed for earthquake, heavy snow load regions or hurricane zones

Structural Engineering: Kit includes in-house structural engineering, some regions may require a local engineer to stamp drawings

Kit includes:

  • No floor ready to assemble on a concrete slab, wood floor over piers, crawl space or basement
  • Pre-cut, numbered exterior walls
  • Pre-cut, numbered interior walls
  • Pre-cut, numbered gable components
  • Vaulted, cathedral ceilings
  • Pre-cut, numbered roof purlins, beams
  • Pre-cut, numbered (18mm) 3/4" tongue & groove roof boards
  • Pre-cut, numbered floor beams for second level
  • Pre-cut, numbered 28mm (1-1/8") tongue & groove floor boards
  • Pre-cut/numbered fascia boards
  • Stairs, railings
  • Prebuilt sectional deck railings, vertical balustrades, handrail, for front and rear deck
  • Multi locking double glazed wood windows, trims
  • Entry doors, locks, deadbolts, keys, trims
  • Interior doors, hardware, trims 
  • Threaded steel storm rods for perimeter wall junctions
  • 2 Spare wall logs, spare roof boards
  • 250 – 8" Log screws to connect first 2 rows, gable components, purlins
  • Increased wall height 
  • Increased door height 
  • Improvements on railings and stairs 
  • Heavier one piece floor joists for loft