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The Houston is 728 ft² – 2 bedroom, office, 1 bath & living area.  Vaulted ceiling is over 10' high at ridge, providing an open space. Package is ready to mount on concrete slab or wood sub floor and can be assembled in approximately 8 days by 3 people.  Engineered roof and wind loads provided.

INSULATING KIT ADD 10% – includes metal brackets to mount studs plus 3/4" T&G interior wall cover boards.  Exterior 2 – 3/4" wall logs have thermal mass rating equivalent to R-12 combined with R-15 insulation = R-27. This energy efficient home can be heated & cooled with wall mounted HVAC systems.

Kit includes:
  • Ready to mount on slab or wood sub floor
  • (70mm) 2 3/4" Pre-cut numbered exterior walls
  • (70mm) 2 3/4" Pre-cut numbered interior walls
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Roof purlins
  • Tongue & groove ceiling/roof boards
  • Fascia trims
  • PREMIUM double glazed wood windows
  • Entry doors c/w locks, deadbolts, keys
  • Window & door trims
  • Interior doors c/w hardware 
  • Threaded steel storm rods at junctions